My first date with Time Series Forecasting

neelam singhal
1 min readApr 6, 2022


I have joined a new organization and working on Banner Pricing.

Problem Statement:

It's a e-commerce website and they want to have correct pricing for selling banner.

previously they had only an excel sheet where they used previous few days data to estimate banner pricing. However, client was looking for a more sophisticated solution.

Entered our team. We understood their problem and tried to implement several models. 1st we received data only on weekly level. We compared the models — ETS, ARIMA, SARIMA, UCM.

When we got daily level data, we implemented FB Prophet model.

What worked well:

  • Team had a knowledge of implementing python and modelling.
  • Taking help from experienced individuals

What didn’t work well:

  • I was made the head architect. No feedback was given about the solution till the very end.
  • Team was very unexperienced
  • No version control of the code
  • Client kept on changing and introducing their ideas. Client handling was not done elegantly.



neelam singhal